Ontario YouthCAN supports 6 regional youth groups. These groups consist of Youth Leaders (youth reps) and Youth Champions (staff) from CASs in the respective zones. Throughout the year, each zone group plans meetings, outings and retreats. The activities must consist of a learning component but are also meant to encourage relationship development, a sense of belonging and empowerment for youth growing up in care. Some groups meet once every month while others meet 2-3 times per year and hold larger events.

The Five Criteria to Consider When Planning Regional Youth Activities:

  1. Activities must include more than one agency in the zone.
  2. Activities must involve youth in the planning.
  3. There must be more than one activity planned for the zone each year.
  4. There must be a personal development, learning, or skill development component at each meeting.
  5. Activities should also include fun activities.

The 6 YouthCAN Zones:

Blue = Northern Zone Group Green = Northeastern Zone Group
Purple = Central Zone Group Yellow = Southwest Zone Group
Orange = Grand River Zone Group Pink = Eastern Zone Group

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