Youth Policy Advisory and Advocacy Group  (YPAAG)

YouthCAN coordinates a Youth Policy Advisory and Advocacy Group (YPAAG). Consisting of youth in care from across the province, this group is involved in:

  • Quarterly meetings
  • Presentations at conferences
  • Submissions on related legislation
  • Progress reports for Children’s Aid Societies
  • Letter writing
  • Meeting with decision makers (such as Executive Directors, Members of Provincial Parliament, and the Minister of Child and Youth Services)
  • Ongoing leadership development training

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Other training such as governmental relations and media relations is offered as well. Currently, YPAAG is advocacy is focused on 4 main areas: 

  1. Emotional support
  2. Financial support
  3. Educational support
  4. Extending the age of eligibility (16 to 18 for protection and from 21-25 for ongoing supports from CAS)

YouthCAN Program Coordinators also conduct advocacy work on behalf of youth in care through involvement on different OACAS board committees, writing letters to the government and advising on policy creation.

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