We’re All In This Together!

We look forward to seeing you (virtually) at the 13½ Annual YouthCAN Virtual Conference. Please read below carefully for instructions before proceeding to online registration at the bottom of this page.

Friendly reminder: registration is open to youth in care and youth on VYSAs and/or still supported by your agency!

AUG 11-12, 2020
12:30- 3:45pm

How do staff register themselves and youth?

Like CVENT, staff will register youth and staff chaperones in advance who plan to attend conference. Registration closes August 7. Registration link at bottom of this page.

Once staff have registered youth and staff chaperones, the Zoom link will be sent to staff chaperones at the beginning of August.

Staff chaperones are responsible to share link with those who registered from their agency. Only share link to those who have registered to ensure the safety and security of participants.

How will youth and staff participate in YouthCAN Conference?

Conference will be facilitated entirely on Zoom video platform which means participants need access to a device (i.e., laptop, tablet, computer or cellphone) and Internet or WiFi connection. For instructions from Zoom’s Help Center click here. We strongly suggest that anyone who has not used Zoom before to practice using it before Virtual Conference to troubleshoot any challenges in advance. 

For further assistance setting up Zoom, please consult with your local agency.

How many youth can be registered?

Unlike the in-person Conference wherein the maximum is typically 10 youth and 2 staff, the Zoom platform can allow additional registrants per agency. Please consult with your agency about how many youth your agency has the capacity to register and chaperone online during conference.

We also understand that some youth might want to attend only one day and/or drop-in for specific workshops rather than participate for the full Virtual Conference. We fully support and acknowledge that capacity for online engagement will look different for youth.

What type of workshops and activities are offered?

Workshops reflect life skills topics (e.g., mental health, financial literacy and OSAP preparation) and key conference activities (e.g., talent show and mini-career crawl).

Kindly note, workshops are formatted for shorter length (about 30 minutes each) and each day is about 4 hours total. This decision was based on direct feedback we have received from both youth and staff about how to make online engagement accessible.

What is the general outline for workshops and activities?

Full agenda will be in package sent in August, see below for outline.

Tuesday (August 11) Topics: Self-care and Skill-Building

  1. Cake in a Mug
  2. Prize Games
  3. Yoga and Meditation
  4. Mental Health & Dance Expression

Wednesday (August 12) Topics: School/Career and Future

  1. Graduation Recognition
  2. Mini-Career Crawl and Youth Panel
  3. Prize Games
  4. OSAP Application and Financial Literacy 101
  5. Talent Show

What do we need to prepare for Annual YouthCAN Conference?

A Conference Package will be sent shortly to all registrants by email. This package will include full agenda, workshop descriptions and related information, including user friendly guide to using Zoom.

There is one workshop during conference on August 11 called Cake in a Mug! which teaches participants a basic, quick recipe for baking a cake using their microwave. Participants will need for this workshop access to a microwave or oven, a mug and basic cake supplies (i.e., all-purpose flour, brown or white sugar, cocoa powder, baking power, milk and vegetable oil). For reference see here. There are also cake kits available at local grocery stores including Dollarama.

What if I need to add or remove staff chaperones and/or youth names after I submit the registration form? Send an email directly to yvasquez@oacas.org ASAP with clear instructions on what changes need to be made