The Young Canada Works Program

The Young Canada Works program in both official languages provides grants to employers who want to hire students for summer positions. The program can cover 50% of the student’s salary if you are a private company, and up to 70% of the salary if you are a not-for-profit organization.
The program has several purposes and one of them is to familiarize students with a different region in Canada as well as to provide a work experience in both official languages. For this reason, the students must be willing to travel to a location that is at least 125km away from their permanent place of residence for the position. The program also covers part of the students’ transportation costs between their usual place of residence and their new location (this is a roundtrip train or plane ticket, or the mileage). Moreover, we offer an hourly wage increase of $1.35 to help students finance their housing at the new location (there are some restrictions in the allocation of the salary increase).
The Young Canada Works program aims at developing the practice of both official languages among students, more specifically the practice of their second official language. In this regard, the program encourages the organizations and companies positioned within official language minority or rural communities to apply.

For detailed eligibility criteria of Young Canada Works program, click below for versions in English and French.

Application guidelines – Young Canada Works 2014

Jeunesse Canada au travail – Ontario – Guide du demandeur 2014

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