Accessibility Resources


If you are a youth with special visual, medical, physical hearing, or learning needs, these resources will help to connect you with programs and support services to help you achieve your educational and life goals.

Ontario Disability Support Program
The ODSP can help people with disabilities who are in financial need pay for living expenses, like food and housing. Students who are enrolled in post-secondary education and are working will not have their income support decreased due to their earnings. To find out if you might qualify for assistance, a list of local ODSP offices is available on the site. (En français)

Mazemaster – Youth@bilities
Youth@bilities is a collection of programs, service agencies, independent living and accessibility resources assembled by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
The LDAO is a charity that offers resource information to individuals with learning disabilities in Ontario.  They provide online courses for youth about learning styles, and self-advocacy. They also provide a $1000 Scholarship for a high school student with a learning disability or ADHD, who is attending a program in engineering or physical sciences.

Ontario University and College Disability Departments
If you are a student with special needs, most universities and colleges have a departmentfor students with disabilities which offer a variety of services.  They can help you get the most out of your studies by providing accommodations and modifications (for example: scribes, writing tests in quiet rooms, being given longer to write tests, etc.) (En français)

Attention Deficit Disorder Association
This website provides resources and information about living with ADD/ADHD.  If you join, for a fee, you’ll have access to teleclasses, webinars, videos and podcasts. You can subscribe to their email list to receive ADHD news, tips and events.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind
If you are a youth experiencing vision loss, the CNIB can help and support you.  The organization has a whole team of people who can help you access student resources, gadgets, books and resources, and even summer camp (En français)

Ontario Association of the Deaf
This organization helps to protect the rights of deaf Ontarians by providing resources, advocacy and activities.  They also have a Deaf youth leadership camp for youth with experience in the areas of athletics, the arts, student council, and/or local volunteer organizations.

DeafBlind Ontario Services
This organization helps to support DeafBlind individuals by providing residential and other specialized services.  If you have have communication barriers, their programs can be tailored to fit you and your needs.

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