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To find out how long to cook a pound of bone-in chicken, search hundreds of great recipes, develop healthy eating habits and understand common washing instructions, check out the resources in this section.

How to apply for a Birth Certificate
You’ll need to provide your birth certificate to obtain a number of other types of identification:  Your driver’s license, your passport and/or your SIN card.  If you’ve lost your birth certificate, you can apply for a new one online for $35. (En français)

Getting your Ontario Driver’s License
Ontario has a graduated licensing system which allows new drivers to learn and develop driving skills gradually over a period of 20 months.  G1 licensed drivers have certain restrictions on when and how they are permitted to drive; G2 licensed drivers have only one: zero blood alcohol.  In fact, all drivers in Ontario under the age of 21 must have zero blood alcohol level when driving. (En français)
In a fire, there’s no time to waste.  You need to plan ahead to know the safest routes out of your house or apartment.  Make sure to talk with your family or roommates so that everyone knows an escape route for every room in the dwelling, and a safe meeting place nearby.

Internet Safety
You can never be too careful with the information, pictures and personal details you share online.  The RCMP has put together some helpful tips for staying safe on the Internet, safe guarding your information online, dealing with cyber bullying and avoiding common scams. (En français)

Teens the world over are learning how to manage online safety and to avoid risks.  The government of Australia has put together some information, including games and videos, about how to deal with cyber bullying, managing your digital reputation, avoiding identity theft, dealing with sexting and managing unwanted contact.
How long do I cook a pound of bone-in chicken?  How much ground beef do I need to buy to make four servings?  What oven temperature should I cook salmon at?  For the answers to all these questions, plus countless easy recipes, visit

Canada’s Food Guide
Health Canada’s website has lots of useful information about serving sizes, and handy tracking sheets to help you keep track of your healthy eating habits.  The food guide is available in 12 languages. (En français)

Kraft Foods’ website is full of great recipes and lots of ideas for meals to make ahead of time.  If you’re on the go, you might want to download the free iFood Assistant app, which will help you find a recipe and create a shopping list for your meal.  You can also sign up to receive the Food & Family monthly recipe magazine, for free!

Laundry Instructions
Confused by the washing instructions for your new favourite shirt?  Check out this website which explains the symbols used to identify how to care for your clothes.
Want to know what’s on sale at your local grocery store this week?  Been waiting for DVD players to go on sale?  This website displays weekly flyers for all the major retailers and can be very helpful for you to keep on top of your budget. (En français)

Stain Removal Guide
Got hair dye on your skin and can’t get it off?  How about that ink stain on your couch?  Or the spaghetti sauce on your white countertops?  If you’ve got a stain you can’t budge, check out this handy A-Z listing of common stains and how to remove them.
This website will help you find explanations about your household appliances work and how to maintain them.  You’ll also find some helpful guides for simple home improvement tasks, and tips for lawn and garden maintenance.



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