Poem Submission

By Eileen B.

A Night In My Hammock
I lay in my hammock
looking at the moon lit sky
When I hear a wolf howl in the distant night
I can see for miles over the tree top
it`s a wonderful view.
The wind blows ever so lightly
rocking me to sleep
like a new mom
holding her baby tight
When the wind blows, though the trees
it sounds like a father singing a song to his daughter.
I feel like I am free
in the hammock, no one around
but the wild life.
No sounds of traffic in the air
only the sound of the wind and
slate falls off in the distant.
In the early morning,
you hear birds cherping and singing
the sun just peaking over the trees
to worm me up
as I lay in my hammock
on a warm fall night.

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