South West Zone Event Peer Power

On Friday March 28th and Saturday March 29th, YouthCAN Southwest zone spent 2 days together in London Ontario at the Bryson Scout Camp.  They spent the first evening working on leadership and team building activities facilitated by St/ Leonard’s Society Peer Power facilitators.  The Peer Power team focused their training agenda based on areas the youth requested in the following training components: Communication skills, Leadership Development, Group Facilitation skills, Advocacy skills, Conflict Awareness and the Five-stage Mediation Process.

They spent the evening training on those life skill components followed by an evening dinner and movie out in the community.   The second day was continuous training and the goals were to develop leadership, advocacy, group facilitation and peer mentoring skills of the youth participants so they can contribute back at their local agency youth groups.

The Southwest Champions also used this time to tentatively plan the next meeting event and set the date for the fall on October 24th -25th 2014.

2013 SouthWest Zone Event at the DrawBridge Inn and YMCA Leadership

On October 18 2013, thanks to Youth Champions from Sarnia Lambton Children’s Aid Society, hosted an awesome 2 day Southwest zone event!  They spent an evening relaxing at the Draw Bridge Inn, famous for a indoor pool with a 95 foot slide!  The group of Youth Champions from 9 different agencies and youth leaders engaged in fun icebreakers and team building activities.  The YMCA Leadership centre reflected strong youth leadership, teamwork, personal development, skill building, learning, and definitely fun activities despite the rainy weather conditions.  This group of youth were amazing, they got along very well together, and were supportive and encouraging of each other.

Thank you everyone for volunteering the time and making this possible for the young leaders to network and connect with each other.  The next Southwest zone event is scheduled for March 2013 with the Peer Power group to continue building on the leadership skills.

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Southwest Zone Group Updates

In 2012, Windsor hosted a fun-filled weekend event at St. Clair College on February 26-28th! The group took part in team building activities, college tours, a trip to the North American Black Historical museum and worked on a zone presentation that will be shown at agencies. Next up is Chatham in June!