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YouthCAN’s Annual Conference

YouthCAN Workshops for 2012 Conference

YouthCAN is thrilled about putting together over 30 workshops for the 2012 conference SUCCESS! It’s a journey! 

Our workshops have a nice combination of fun, interactive, and educational.

A sneak peak of some workshops include:

Elevated Grounds, closing keynote performance for 2012 Conference

YouthCAN is pleased to announce Elevated Grounds as our closing keynote presentation for the sixth annual 2012 Conference, SUCCESS! It’s a journey!

Elevated Grounds uses the performing arts to increase awareness about mental health to promote all-round wellness for youth. Elevated Grounds also engages teachers, families and mental health workers through its theatrical presentations, audience talk back sessions and extensive school programs. Our unique online social community is focused on youth interaction and mental health promotion.  Click here to view the website.

Earl Lambert, opening keynote speaker for 2012 conference

We are pleased to announce Earl Lambert as our opening keynote speaker for YouthCAN’s sixth Annual Conference.

He will be performing an opening keynote presentation, in addition, two workshops: Live into Confidence and Contemporary Perspective on the Medicine Wheel.

Earl’s a Life-Skills Coach who attended the University of Northern British Columbia, where he majored in Business with a double minor in First Nations studies and Political Science. He’s worked as an Executive Director for a First Nations non-profit organization, College Instructor of Business, a Life-Skills, Employment and Business Facilitator, an HIV/AIDS Educator, an Advocate, Fundraiser and Events Coordinator for various homeless initiatives and lastly, as a Programs Developer for an Aboriginal Child and Family services organization.

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Click here to view Earl Lambert’s website.

2012 Conference, SUCCESS! It’s a journey!

YouthCAN’s Sixth Annual Conference, SUCCESS! It’s a journey! This is the largest youth in care conference in the world, more importantly, youth in care get to build connections, develop a sense of belonging, and have a blast! This highly anticipated and fun-filled event will include:

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Archieved Annual Conferences

Previous Annual Conferences

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2016 10th Annual YouthCAN Conference: Your Story, Your Success!

2015 9th Annual YouthCAN Conference:  GEAR UP FOR SUCCESS!

2014 8th Annual YouthCAN Conference: SUCCESS.  It’s in your hands

2013 7th Annual YouthCAN Conference: Fit for SUCCESS!

2012 6th Annual YouthCAN Conference: SUCCESS, it’s a journey!

2011 5th Annual YouthCAN Conference: Keys to Success

2010 4th Annual YouthCAN Conference: My Future Our SUCCESS!

2009 3rd Annual YouthCAN Conference: Play Life to Win!

2008 3rd Annual YouthCAN Conference: Ready, Set, Success!

2008 2nd Annual YouthCAN Conference: Setting up for Survival Success

6th Annual YouthCAN Talent Show!

6th Annual YouthCAN Talent Show!

Come and show case your amazing talents to your friends and YouthCAN Family!!! We are excited to see what everyone comes up with this year! Sign up by yourself or with a friend. Either way we can’t wait to see your talents!!! Remember 5 minutes for a group and 3 if you’re on your own!!!!

Build It and Break It

Build It and Break It

In this fun and interactive workshop, you’ll get to build things and break them! Will include: -Mixing a batch of concrete, putting it in a mold, and crushing it in a concrete test apparatus -Build a catapult and launch things with it like the ancient Greek and Roman warriors -Build a bridge and use the computer modeling set to see how a load transfers through the structure to the ground

From Small Talk to Big Conversations: How to Speak to Any Audience with Confidence and Presence

From Small Talk to Big Conversations: How to Speak to Any Audience with Confidence and Presence

From small talk to big conversations, learn how to speak to any audience with confidence and presence in this fun and interactive workshop hosted by Seneca Staff! Learn the importance of small talk, how to present an idea to a large group, sales persuasion, and much more!