10th Annual YouthCAN Conference, YOUR STORY, YOUR SUCCESS!

10th Annual YouthCAN Conf. Banner-06

For the first time in YouthCAN history, the conference will be held at a university, McMaster University! It will be hosted in conjunction with McMaster’s Student Union.

The conference goal is to expose high school youth in care to post-secondary options and career opportunities.  This year’s YouthCAN Conference aims to develop leaders, build character, motivate and inspire youth in care to make their own successful story through communication, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

The YouthCAN team, in conjunction with the conference planning committee made up of CAS youth and staff from across the province, have worked hard to ensure that this year’s conference will have something for everyone!


  • Enhance your communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Develop connections with over 250 participants
  • Motivating speakers, hands-on workshops, and activities
  • Expand your educational and professional options


  • True post-secondary life experience through staying at McMaster University in Hamilton.
  • Various leadership, team and skill building activities (icebreakers, amazing race, and ALTITUDE leadership program).
  • Various interactive learning sessions for youth (3D theatre show, museum, nuclear reactor tour, and nature walks).
  • Youth transitioning out of care, post-secondary and OSAP educational session.
  • Energetic and motivational keynote speakers.
  • Lunch time “Exhibition Fair” and “Career Crawl” with 15+ community organizations.
  • Access to unlimited photo prints with fun Photobooth.
  • Free time with organized sports available.
  • YouthCAN Talent Open Showcase:   Everyone is welcome to showcase whatever talents they have on stage.  Ex. Singing, dancing, poetry, playing instruments, comedy skits, etc.
  • Group cheer/dance off at YouthCAN Talent Open Showcase and throughout whole conference.
  • Annual YouthCAN dance.
  • Nightly fire pit.
  • Prizes to be won for both youth and staff.




This workshop will briefly cover supports and resources related to OCBE, CCSY, education, financial, and health supports.  Overview of general tips and knowledge to prepare youth to transition into independence.  *Max 35 people per session.

Benefits: Educational, life-skills, communication, transitions, resources.

3D THEATRE SHOW: “Mars: A World on the Edge”

Discover the red planet in 3D, as we explore its structure, habitability, and the possibility that it was the site of a “second genesis” of life in the solar system.   *Max 100 people per session.

Benefits: Educational, astronomy, history, and sciences.


Explore the unique exhibits within McMaster’s own Museum of Art. The Museum serves as a cultural hub for the University campus and the region through dynamic and multi-disciplinary exhibitions and programs, scholarly interpretation and preservation of collections, and innovative practices in museology.  *Max 30 people per session.

Benefits: Educational, artistic, history, and sciences.


Experience the McMaster Nuclear Reactor tours of the nuclear reactor facility. Each tour is conducted by a trained guide staff member and is approximately 30 minutes in duration.          *Max 30 people per session divided into 3 groups of 10.

Benefits: Educational, artistic, physics, history, and sciences.


The Climbing wall (30 feet wide, 36 feet high) caters to all skill levels with a variety of routes for beginners and experts! *Max 22 people per session.

Benefits: Teamwork, leadership, communication, physical fitness, dexterity.


The tower’s combination of traditional high ropes elements and unique climbing routes provides participants with a wide range of personal challenges. The auto-locking, top rope, participant-belay safety system stresses the importance of effective communication and trust in a team setting.   With a variety of universal accessibility options and over 40 routes to the top, the Alpine Tower II provides challenging options for everyone.  *Max 50 people per session.

Benefits: Teamwork, leadership, communication, physical fitness, dexterity.


The participants will have 60 seconds to complete each challenge which involves physical skill, teamwork, and communication.  *Max 35 people per session.

Benefits: Teamwork, leadership, communication, physical fitness, dexterity.


Team Development Course initiatives test the group’s communication, planning, problem solving, leadership, and decision making skills through unique, challenging exercises. This creative and fun team building experience gives real results in group learning, group bonding and problem solving. Learn better communication unity and group understanding and dynamics. Watch your team bond as they conquer “the great divergence”, “the cross over”, and many more exciting new challenges.  *Max 35 people per session.

Benefits: Teamwork, leadership, communication, physical fitness, dexterity.