By Christina

21 totally made me become fully independent,
I no longer have someone as an attendant.
I’m in complete control of my life and what I do,
It’s time to continue my life of staying true.
To my word that I’m going to accomplish my dreams,
It’s not going to be easy but I’m ready for all lifes schemes.
I have had a lot of different challenges that I had to face,
And I know more are yet to come that I’m gunna embrace.
Challenges at first are a mixture of emotions that come to play,
Cause it tests you to see exactly what you’re gunna do or say.
Challenges are what make you stronger and better as a person,
But it’s all up to you to deal with them or let them worsen.
Turning 21 made me realize that it’s me and me alone,
To be the one that decides to pave a path of my own.
Which is exactly what I’m going to do cause I can,
It has helped to know what I want and have a plan.
Yes, some plans have not worked out,
Does that I mean I’m just gunna sit and pout?
No! I need to keep going and trying new experiences,
Cause it’s all about learning and growing my conscience.
I have decided to live a life of being real and staying true,
At times it isn’t easy but that’s what helps me come through.
When I got cut off of ECM and CAS I knew what I had to do,
It hasn’t been easy but I’m determined to being true.
I am apart of OACAS groups for youth in care,
I’m thankful to voice my experiences cause that’s rare.
I feel honoured to be apart of change that will have an impact,
On those younger in care because it will help them, it’s a fact.
I must be honest, I was hoping for the age to change before I got cut,
It didn’t happen so I decided to accept it by listening to my gut.
So far it’s been helping me get where I need to be,
Cause like I said, it’s me and me alone with the key.

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